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We've always said that You don't think you need security until you need it.  Physical harm or loss of life are unnecessary and avoidable with the right plan and manpower.  And the potential lawsuits that can and do arise from negligence can be financially crippling.  So how do you know when something bad is going to happen?  You don't.  So take the necessary precautions to keep you and your employees or family safe.  Contact us today for a free consultation.

Executive Protection:
For Executives, Celebrities, embattled spouses, etc.  If you need protection from a threat or just an extra sense of safety while out on the town, we can help.  

Hostile Terminations: 
Needing to terminate a threatening or possibly violent employee?  Give us a call and let us take on the threat and keep your workplace safe.

Terrorostic and Physical Threat:
Has a disgruntled employee threatened violence towards another employee or management?  Has an individual threatened you personally?  Don't live in fear constantly looking over your shoulder.  Let us handle it.

Private Investigation:
Do you have an employee falsely claiming workman's comp or stealing?  Are you suspicious of your spouse cheating?  Our investigators can track them and get photos, video, and activity logs so you can take action.

High Value Courier/Escort:
Need a courier to deliver some high value items?  Or how about an escort while you transport your valuables?  Let our experienced transporters take care of it for you.



OUR services include: 
 Overall Threat Assessment of Mexico which includes specific location assement
Trusted Driver / Agent at arrival until departure
Security Awareness Presentation prior to traveling to Mexico, and most importantly ( Confidence)
Dallas, Texas based private security firm

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